A Rare Gem

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Antique Books, Book Review

Imagine what it is like to be someone like me whose day is made by finding a gem in history from 1792 that nobody else would care about. My next subject for the Seminary podcast is James Manning and the founding of Brown University. The author of this book is Jonathan Edwards Jr. The signature is of Nicholas Brown Jr. a gift to his father. His father was one of two men that Brown University is named after, the first Baptist university in America. At the time of this book, 1790, the college was called Rhode Island College. Adoniram Judson came to this college in 1804 and left a deist thanks to Jacob E. his best friend there. The book is written to Charles Chauncy, the great opponent of Jonathan Edwards who tried to debunk the Great Awakening. By the end of his life he had become a Unitarian and a universalist. But if I tried to get anybody else excited about these details they would say, “are you not feeling well, do you need a place to lie down?”