I am a retired letter carrier that uses my spare time to narrate books, counsel in Christian experience, teach American Church History, and the history of revivals. I started narrating in 1985 on cassettes for blind patrons of the Chapel Library when it was still in Venice, FL. In 2003 we started uploading the audio from the cassettes to Sermon Audio and about 5 years later I went to all digital audio from cassettes. I use a Rode Mic, a Blue Yeti Mic, and Samson mics. Almost all narrating is done from reading on a Kindle Fire even the PDFs of old books. This has greatly assisted me. The oldest book I have ever narrated in PDF format was from Richard Greenham from 1598. I narrate into a more modern English as I read. The two authors I have narrated the most in 35 years are Jonathan Edwards and John Owen. But the collection of Puritan and Reformed unique authors and pastors is the largest reformed audiobook collection in the world.