Gentle and Lowly? What Would John Owen Say?

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In analyzing this book, I must start out by saying I cannot write a critical review that is a thorough analysis nor profess to have the ability to do so. For a good review, I would recommend Jeremy Walker’s .

My desire, rather, is to compare the writings of John Owen on this subject. Specifically two sources. His exposition of Psalm 130, especially verse 5. The second source is chapter 13 in his treatise on The Mortification of Sin.

THE NINTH DIRECTION: Do Not Speak Peace to Yourself Before God Speaks it, But Obey What God Says to Your Soul

A distinction is helpful. That is the definition of faith as the channel in which justification is granted. But the other faith is that which is necessary for a close communion with God and a continuing in the grace of sanctification.

My concern is that there is a hyper-grace movement that the professing Christians who are affected by will accept the least amount of faith necessary to allow them to have a sort of peace and still live far below that Christian duty that Owen presses us to in his Treatise on Spiritual Mindedness. That is why the books The Whole Christ by Sinclair Ferguson and Gentle and Lowly by Dana Ortlund are enjoying such mass popularity.

I will explain further in this podcast that I have called John Owen VS. Dana Ortlund and the comforts that come from the promises of forgiveness. T M S