Looking Unto Jesus- Isaac Ambrose

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Quotes

Consider Pilate’s sentence, that Jesus should be crucified as the Jews required. Now they had him in their will, and they did to him what seemed them good. Follow him from Gabbatha to Golgotha. See how they lay the heavy cross upon his tender shoulders, that were so rent and torn with whips. Accompany him all the way to the execution, and help to carry his cross to mount Calvary; and there see him lifted up on that engine of torture, the bloody cross: he hangs on nails, and as he hangs, his own weight becomes his affliction. O see how his arms and legs were racked with violent pulls, his hands and feet bored with nails, his whole body torn with stripes, and gored with blood. And now, O my soul, run with all thy might into his arms, held out at their full length to receive thee. O weigh the matter! Because sin entered by the senses, therefore the head, in which the senses flourished, is crowned with piercing thorns; because the hands and feet are more especially the instruments of sin, therefore his hands and feet are nailed to the cross for satisfaction. Be enlarged, O my thoughts, and consider it, and consider it again.

Isaac Ambrose. Looking Unto Jesus.