Quotes by James Smith, a predecessor of Charles Spurgeon at New Park Street Chapel

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Quotes

FRIDAY: {December 1818} “But now, gradually my comforts began to decline, my soul was covered with a cloud, and a deep gloom rested on my spirit. It was, I think, on a Friday, that I more especially felt dullness creeping over my soul, my love to the Savior waxing cold, and my fervor in prayer abating; I now sunk into misery and distress — but as the Lord’s day was at hand, I looked forward expecting comfort and consolation then. O how I longed for that day! I went up into a loft to pray — but could not utter a word. I went under my old tree — but my soul was as dark as midnight, and my heart felt as hard as a stone! I groaned and cried — but I could not get free.

I was in a solemn ecstasy of joy. I felt as if I could contain myself no longer — I must speak out. Such zeal for my God, such a desire to obey him, such love to the saints, and such a desire to be numbered with them — I scarcely ever felt. My soul seemed all on fire. Full of love and sweet desire, I was quite overcome — I sat down, laid my head on my arm, and wept. What mingled emotions inspired my breast, a desire to confess Jesus — and a fear that I was not properly qualified; burning love — and a sense of unworthiness; I could scarce bear up under it! As soon as the service was over, I ran to one of my old hiding places, and told all I thought, felt, desired, and enjoyed to my Savior, begging him to prepare me for the privilege, and permit me to confess him, and be numbered with his people. I enjoyed sweet fellowship with him, and the thought that I could not be deprived of that by anyone, cheered my mind, consoled my spirit, and I retired to rest that night, blessing the name of the Lord, who had dealt bountifully with me. James Smith { James Smith was a predecessor of Charles Spurgeon at New Park Street Chapel in London from 1841 until 1850.}